Grief is no good bedfellow,
Thieving double edged sword, it is.
Grief pricks deep, harsh.
Lingers, languishes much
… No rush,
It is but such.
Serpentine swirls emotions doth crush.
Those tears once floweth swift,
I’m now cast adrift.
Aye, it takes some polish
This mask, my task.
Time, they promise to heal.
Alas, eroded of spirit Ifeel
This body but a vessel
Mind, heart still awrestle.
Raw of pain, breath arasping,
spent… memories leaves me gasping,
inherent these long years past.
I fear I will no longer last.

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48 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Thanks for sharing. One writer advised to give life— the little problems, griefs, sorrows, a “laughing philosophy” and see if they stand it. Like laughing at the worries, doubts for the future, etc., I think much of them would emerge unreal all along. Otherwise, these are part of our humanity. Everyone is a neighbor of sorrow!

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