SA: Repression

Let’s admit it…

Adulting is hard.

If anything, 2021 has brought us through mountains best not travelled. Still we persevered, clambered on and here we are, grateful for new beginnings, new dawns.

Whilst in conversation recently, mention was made of repression. Such was the trials of late in my Beloved SunshinySA, in an ephiphanic moment, I realised, that I was guilty of such.

The web describes repression as
“What does it mean to repress feelings? Repression usually refers to¬†the tendency to avoid uncomfortable feelings. You unconsciously push painful feelings, thoughts, or memories out of your consciousness. This lets you forget them. You may do this for fear of damaging your positive self-image. These are unprocessed emotions.

Whatever it took, survival was necessary. In doing so, it has helped me cope, my positivity, vibrant and alive, began faltering, failing almost. Through the murky depths, I clutched onto prayer, hope and faith. These simple yet profound words was the beacon that I held onto. This morning, a friend battled and the strengths of this year, was a buoy for her. It was then, that I realised as well, that I grew into a more spiritual realm.
The WOW moments of life.
Simple, potent, the gaps needed to be filled.

Hence this post to my blogging family. My absence speaks volumes. My silence screamed. My beloved South Africa, I mourned. Even now, my land is beset with sadness, violence even. The beacons that are the good people still light up the geographic scales. Would I want my family to visit from overseas? Emotionally yes. Otherwise honestly? No.
If I could guarantee their safety, then yes.
Otherwise no.