*PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA ADDRESSED THE NATION* a short summary what he said now tonight馃憞馃徎

1. He was in kzn today
2. He saw all the looting and the damage and the violence
3. Human toll was too much
4. Deliberate co ordinated well planned attack on our democracy he says
5. This was 2 cripple economy and social instability
6. Those behind these attacks wanted damage
7. Looting caused damage worth billions
8. Social media fake news and misinformation sought to cause drama and chaos
9. This has failed he said this economic sabotage
10. South Africans stood strong streets …and standing united and was working with government
11. 212 people dead. 180 in kzn. 32 in gauteng. Senseless violence
12. This has failed to gain popular support from our citizens
13. Destruction of property and theft has caused billions of damages to the country.
14. 161 malls 11 warehouses 8 factories 161 liquor outlets damaged and roads damaged
15. He says the gov was poorly prepared for this.
16. Calm has been restored
17. We must stabilize country and provide relief and support. Recovery and re building he said
18. More boots on ground sandf and police to restore calm. 25 000 sandf members on the ground
19. N3 freeway has been reopened
20. Supply of essential goods is important
21. No shortage of food or supplies . No need to panic buy
22. Sandf has been deployed to national key points
23. We will locate and find these criminals. We will spare no effort to get these criminals
24. No state of emergency will be declared..FOR NOW
25. we will overcome this
26. They will find these criminals and be made accountable and they cannot challenge the authority of this democratic government
27. It will take a few months to re build malls etc
28. People are lining up in eshowe and other areas and ulundi lining up for food
29. Sassa will use their budget left over to help with cash and food parcels
30. Solidarity fund will help those in greatest need
31. We will help to rebuild businesses
32. Get vaccination programme back on track
33. 10 000 soldiers already in gauteng and kzn
34. The networks and criminals behind this looting will be caught . Police is on their track.
35. Thanks the media and journalists
36. Community police forums work well…no one must take law into their hands
37. Encourages calm
38. No one must disturb calm
39. Nelson mandela day on sunday
40. Lets use mandela day to feed hungry
41. Cleaning up the country must now happen
42. Clean up your neighbourhood
43. This assualt on our democracy will fail he says
44. We cannot loose this battle
45. We defeated this battle
46. Our SA democracy cannot fail
47. Passes condolences on to people that lost their lives
48. God bless SA

15 thoughts on “SA : PRESIDENTIAL UPDATE

  1. Heartbroken about this assault on SA鈥檚 soul. I keep thinking of all the hope for the country all those years ago now with the new flag and the first full and free elections. My prayers are with SAers regaining that hope and trust, and driving it forward. 馃檹

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  2. Dear All

    Please forgive my absence and updates.

    Thank you all for prayers and the messages.

    After what seemed like months of turmoil which turned into reality, I decided to share our upheaval with my blogging family and the world. The government has been glossing over the reality and the media sharing selectively, the hardship and sorrow has been real.

    Tata Madiba tried, he would have been full of sorrow, had he been here to see SA bleed.

    Whilst the son shone here in SA, ashes and soot of the damage to infrastructure, covered our land and homes.

    We pray that August brings harmony and unity.

    Always, SA appreciate the prayers.

    Much love


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