Christmas under House Arrest

Yesterday saw, an increase in Covid-19 numbers, some 14046 overnight.

My son woke up ill. We battened down the hatches, sanitised, medicated and did what we have been doing since March 2021, Level 5 Lockdown, we stayed at home.

Christmas under self imposed House Arrest. Nasty but necessary.

Enjoy Christmas, stay safe, stay at home.

Our President, Cyril Ramaphosa said it best :

53 thoughts on “Christmas under House Arrest

  1. Yes, your president said what is true. We have to be careful and take care of ourselves. Here in South India, we do not have a lock down but we are being careful. Hope your son is better.
    We wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a good new year.

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  2. The only way we can rest is to know the truth. We will never be safe until we find out what & who is behind this very suspect & well timed pandemic. The stats & information are not reliable or accurate. There are so many issues that the media keeps quiet. So many people in the medical profession that know much of what our governments tell us to do is not medically sound. Most won’t question because they either don’t know any better or they are too scared to know the truth.

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