392+ Year Old Shark Discovered

Image by Henrik Schurmann

The researchers measured the creature and estimated that it could have been born as early as 1505. It is known to live in temperatures of -1° Celsius and 10° Celsius. A report by Metro.co.uk, said that the shark can swim as deep as 7,200 feet and weighs more than a ton.

According to the report, the found shark measured at 18 feet in length. It is this length which reportedly can mean the shark can be anywhere between 272 to 512 years old, as this species grows at a rate of 1 cm in a year.

A report by The Sun said it was the oldest of 28 Greenland sharks to be analyzed. These sharks have an estimated lifespan of 400 years and they spend their time swimming around looking for mates, report claimed.

What implications does this astounding creature have on us humans? Scientists are now studying the longevity of Greenland sharks to see if the science behind their longevity can be applied towards humans one day. One possible explanation for the sharks’ longevity is that they spend their lives 2,000 meters down, where the water temperature is around 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme cold is associated with slow metabolism and maturation — Greenland sharks don’t reach adulthood until age 150 — as well as long life spans.

Of course, humans aren’t about to start living underwater. But scientists think in the future we might be able to incorporate into our own bodies some of the shark’s life-extending biological adaptations.

My esteemed fishing colleague had this to say :

I’m sure a lot of creatures could live to their full life if there was a less of an impact on their environment.

Ajay Ramlall,
Daiwa Anglers Club

Humans : A lot to be answerable for.

Original Source : Inner Splendor

20 thoughts on “392+ Year Old Shark Discovered

  1. It seems that a lot of my conversations lately are about cold water, and I smile as I write this. I don’t mind a brisk shower in the summer but it’s cold here now and snow in the hills. I could be shovelling snow in my driveway soon and I expect to do that. In Canada we can plug in the car engine so when it’s minus 35 it\s easier to start. Even the rubber tires can freeze square on the bottom but not very often in my location. But there is something to say about health here. Cool water and maybe it’s the long search for a mate – lol. Maybe we stress one another out. Hugs my friend.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this news, Kavitha. Ajay Ramlall’s comment is spot on with an inconvenient truth. The day we humans start fishing at depths of 7,200 feet, the lifespan of the Greenland shark and more deep-sea marine life would be considerably shortened.

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