COVID STATUS : To reveal or not?

Would you reveal your status if you were Covid positive?

I would.

In the words of another for those positive :

1. Respect him/her
2. Pray for Him/her
3. Make him/her feel you are a good human being
4. Do not spread panic and “fear of insult” among others.

The person is just unwell, not a criminal. He/she will get cured but the memory of how people treated him/her, will stay with him/her forever!!

We are all in this fight together. Let us spread love and support.

Be Safe, Stay at Home.

22 thoughts on “COVID STATUS : To reveal or not?

    • So, so glad that you are well…
      We know of several people who chose to it as a secret.
      As we speak, three family members, including their seven year old son has covid. Immediately, we rallied to assist from afar. Yet in prayers, they were foremost in our hearts.

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    • Rightfully so Arlene. My aged neighbours had it and being in their seventies, both kids away from home, we stepped in. They were astonished but we maintained our distances and did all that we could to assist. I know too, people who spoke of them instead of TO them to bolster their flagging spirits.

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  1. I have known many with various diseases in my life including AIDS & have NEVER shunned or feared any of them. This is all the media’s brainwashing to make those who don’t know any better afraid. I don’t fear covid any more than any other germs. I do fear that this being released as needed for political purpose. Yes I would tell others if I ever test positive & I will continue to fight for my rights as well as others by contacting my representatives in government to state my concerns. I wish more would do this.

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    • Here I maintain that we stay home and limit social interaction. We’ve been ill and isolated. I worry because we need to heal ourselves. No hospital facilities available, yesterday our number had risen to 18000. Work resumes on Monday. Back in the throng of the infection .


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