SA’s efforts to flatten the curve

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa announced measures to flatten the Covid curve.

1) The Garden Route & Sarah Bartmaan District declared hotspots

2) All drivers of public transport must ensure passengers wear masks

3) All Gatherings (including religious gatherings) must not exceed 100 indoor or 250 outdoor

4) No post funeral gatherings – so called tears & booze parties

5) Beaches & Public Parks will be closed from

  • ALL Eastern Cape
  • Western Cape
    Garden Route only
  • KZN
    16 December
    25 December
    26 December
    1 January
    2 January
    3 January

6) No parties or festivals at Beaches, no New Year’s Eve party

7) Hours of Curfew
From 11pm to 4am

  • Non Essential establishments including Restaurants & Bars must close @ 10pm

8) Sale of Alcohol
From 10am to 6pm
Monday to Thursday only

  • Alcohol consumption at all Beaches & Parks, strictly prohibited

The above to be reviewed in early January 2021.

10 thoughts on “SA’s efforts to flatten the curve

  1. Some US states are in lockdown. I wish Florida would protect us with measures similar to those you have posted. People here are free to go to stores without a mask here. There are few restrictions. It is scary going into the grocery store. Most of our groceries are now delivered from Walmart. All the best, Kavita! ❤

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  2. Uncle Cyril is doing the right thing. I watched him on the TV last night and I thought he spoke really well. Less finger wagging and more the stark appeal to for all of us to make the sacrifice this year for fear some of us won’t see another. Sending good wishes from our side to yours. Stay safe, Kavita 🙂

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    • Ken, he had no choice. The people gave him no choice. Our holidays means visits to the sea and people from rural areas have no boundaries, hence the rules because social distancing and the wearing of masks or even staying at home, all this, and they do not do.
      Yes there is indoor dining with curfews and strict rules.

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