Know your worth!

Know your worth!

A father said to his daughter “You have graduated with honors, here is a car I bought many years ago. It is pretty old now. But before I give it to you, take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you for it.

The daughter went to the used car lot, returned to her father and said, “They offered me $1,000 because the said it looks pretty worn out.”

The father said, now “Take it to the pawn shop.” The daughter went to the pawn shop, returned to her father and said,”The pawn shop offered only $100 because it is an old car.”

The father asked his daughter to go to a car club now and show them the car. The daughter then took the car to the club, returned and told her father,” Some people in the club offered $100,000 for it because it’s a Nissan Skyline R34, it’s an iconic car and sought by many collectors”

Now the father said this to his daughter, “The right place values you the right way,” If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you……Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.

~~~Know your worth~~~

Source: News Break

28 thoughts on “Know your worth!

  1. It’s a lesson or learning which we all ought to learn well to make a proper use of this short and transitory life.I know a lot of people are suffering in life and are not enjoying it for having landed into a wrong place .They have been trapped that means we have to think before every leaps of ours.Thanks for sharing.Take care.


  2. Excellent words and so well written. Everyone should read this. I come across people daily who accept less than they are worth. I tell my daughters all the time, know what you are worth and don’t accept less. If you want something go get it. Thank you for this great story. Take care.

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    • I saw this by chance. I was taught to be docile and respectful. My children, i determined, were going to be otherwise. My daughter is a force to be reckoned with and my son, strongly silent. I think its important to share the message. Blessings to you too. 🌺 🌻

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