Covid Concerns : Poem

Covid Concerns : Poem

No simple coughs nor cold is this
But the Corona virus, 
Confirmed Covid-19 crisis
A global pandemic to be sure.

Cvs out on hold, 
Lockdown luncheons limited 
Curfews imposed
Conference calls
Compartmentalised cubicles
Claustrobhic masks

Life has stalled
Confinement for fear of contamination 
Containment or cremation
Cling wrapped coffins.

Chloroquine to cure,
Trumpets Trump
No cure this China cause 
No clearances of this compelling cloudy climate 
But a rapidly climbing curve of COVID counts

Coupled with cleanliness.
Compliance the key,
Courage the core.
Compassion humanity controls,

Covid conformists we’ve become
To confinement in this Corona climate 
Contentious concerns it is.
Certified communiques 
Detailed by cognizant committee converts.

Corona complaints be damned
Corona crises
Covid cases to escalate
God the constant clarity
For covetted Covid cancellations.

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