Plastic Pollution, Litterbugs beware!

Plastic Pollution : Litterbugs beware!

Graphic images, harsh but absolutely necessary.

With the restraints of the lockdown, nature and her creatures have had somewhat of a reprieve. We’ve celebrated it, blogged about it and marveled at it.

Sadly, with the easing of the lockdown (South Africa slides into Level 2 soon)  and the resumption of leisure activities, it has become apparent that people have become careless and reverted to their habits of old. Rubbish has  found itself on the beaches and in the harbour again.
The result? The impact of the environment and those creatures who like us, have every right to be here.

One sort of toxic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles.

Ghost gear is the name given to fishing equipment which has been abandoned or lost in the sea. Nets and other man-made equipment entangle and kill  sea animals.

To help protect and sustain the seas, join the community  to help clear the oceans of ghost gear.

It is estimated that on annual basis, 640 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned in the ocean which impact millions of marine life.

Passionate about our Earth, then join the journey in creating Healthy Seas by :
–  Donating
–  Volunteering

–  Partnering up

Ways to reduce plastic pollution :

1. Wean yourself off disposable plastics.
2. Stop buying water.
3. Boycott microbeads.
4. Cook more, no take aways.
5. Purchase items secondhand.
6. Recycle 
7. Support a bag tax or ban.
8. Buy in bulk.
9. Bring your own garment bag to the dry cleaner.
10. Put pressure on manufacturers.

Read the detailed original article here on :

Bought coffee and want to get rid of the cup mindfully? Umhlanga resident Duncan Heafield, owner of our Umhlanga’s Bellézar Beach Café collected take away cups and re-purposed them as seedling trays for vegetables to be donated to farmers.  Duncan Heafield did even better, he committed to purchasing fresh, organic produce back from those farmers, thereby supporting locals during the pandemic.

northglen news

Duncan Heafield (image from Northglen News)

Remember to :
Reduce. Re-use. Re-cycle.

28 thoughts on “Plastic Pollution, Litterbugs beware!

  1. I know that plastic garbage is a worldwide problem, and the numbers are fantastic. I don’t know the solution but certainly awareness helps. Despite how uncomfortable it was to see these photos, I thank you. On further thought, the only way to get ghost gear out of the oceans is if the world buys it when collected from the oceans. Let’s make it an industry. Ghost gear repurchasing will have to become a global recycling project.

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      • Sad beyond all measure. And on top of the usual unacceptable habits of throwing away trash, more plastics are being used in this time of pandemic because reusable is not allowed from retail, hospitality, etc. So w hall of a sudden have more plastics being disposed of than ever. Not good.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup mission is spectacular.
      The last ±6o years have really upset the oceanic balance.
      Although, we need more of Boyan Slats wisdom, we need to, to curb the pollution by beginning with each one of our actions.


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