International Cat Day is here!

Did you know that the most popular pet globally is the cat?

To celebrate them, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and other animal rights dedicated the 8th August as International Cat Day for the kitties who have been our companions for almost 9500 years.

My kitties sauntered into our hearts when we needed them. They have fed our souls, filled in the gaps and generally improved our psychological health.

Want to enrichen your life? Get a cat or cat-sit with a friend. Their unwavering love, loyalty, friendship and companionship will add strength and value to your life.

16 thoughts on “International Cat Day is here!

  1. I couldn’t live without cat. Sadly in October 2019 we lost our beautiful cat Friskie. He was one of those special moggies that adopted us along with Rambo. He featured in my blog about International Cat Day last year. I entered a story in a short story competition last year which was published in a collection. Enjoy your feline friends because they do bring much joy into our lives.


    • I do, I do. My entire family fawn over them and to be honest, they rule the roost.
      My husband and son tells me that since the kitties have come, I speak more lovingly to the kitties and not as much to them.
      …and in the next breath, THEY speak to the kitties as lovingly. I often help raise monies for the ferals, its my pet project.

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  2. Also read your other post on cats. We used to love dogs more but two feral cats came into our housing compound and we decided to adopt them. The (spayed) female is probably a house cat that either got lost (not usual for cats) or was intentionally sent away by her owner. You can tell because she’s very friendly even with children. Celebrating International Cat Day with you!

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