Lockdown, Lick & Love! Paw Power at its best.

Lockdown, Lick & Love! Paw Power at its best.

The best healing companions are the padded paws.

Everyone one of my pets came into my life when I needed them most.  I am passionate about them.  Our family is literally their world, the people that they look up to and love unabashedly.

The rare few that object to their presence?
What they say do not matter because “those that matter would not mind and those that mind, do not matter! ”

Life is undoubtedly soft in the Ramlal household for the kitties and other welcome paws who traipse through the kitchen flap at midnight to sample the indoor treats. The logic is that my kitties do visit others and yes, they tend to disappear at random to emerge hungry.   The food dedicated to the carport is there for those kitties. I mean to make other visiting pets as welcome as I would hope strangers would care for other kitties, ferals or domestics or any other furry paws for that matter.

After the loss of my beloved labradors who lived long and happy lives, I vowed never to have pets again.  The hurt was too much when we lost them.  God decided otherwise and in strolled Leo who has now become my shadow.  Leo needed company and since life was so good in the Ramlal house, he found himself a companion and brought Snosey home.  The pets at home are many.

The pets in the office car park are another matter entirely.  Saw a baby  and minded his welfare in view of the speeding cars and unforgiving weather conditions.  Turns out that the entire area has cats, all looked after by self-appointed guardians.
My logic: If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?
The hope? That everyone of us, in some small manner, contributes to the well-being of animals.

An undoubtedly blessed life with pets, rescued, homed and fostered.

Consider yourself very blessed if you have a family like mine.










8 thoughts on “Lockdown, Lick & Love! Paw Power at its best.

  1. I just love this! And I so agree! I always had cats until I got my first dog who I loved for 16-1/2 years when she passed two years ago this month, then Ted followed after her a year ago on the 13th. I didn’t think I would want anymore either until my son brought home a male pitweiller and he is six months now! Rambunctious but also so loving. I am glad now I got him. My son even named him after Ted. I call him Teddy. Maybe I’ll eventually add cats to the equation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Think about adding the kitties, they just complete the family unit.
      Yes, I have read of Ted’s antics. I know that it was a bit tough at the beginning but he has grown on you and you love him.
      Our furry friends are the best comfort ever. They know know us without crowding, their love is all consuming.

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