Did you know, like Typhus, COVID-19 can be contained?

Did you know, like Typhus, COVID-19 can be contained?

Did you know that way back in 1941, a deadly typhus fever broke out in Poland’s Warsaw ghetto?  Some 400 000 Jewish people were crammed together, in winter too. It was a perfect breeding ground for disease and death, sparking even more fear.

Fortunately, amongst those imprisoned were the Jewish doctors. Together with community leaders, they motivated for social distancing (as much as they could and as restricted as they were).

Those infected were quarantined to prevent further infection.    Student doctors were mentored in secret and the need for hygiene reinforced to the inmates.  Finally, the Nazis brought in food, water and soap (albeit for their own reasons) and this helped.

The lesson?
Social distancing, Quarantine, Isolation and Good Hygiene is the KEY TO SAFETY and prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Masked.

11 thoughts on “Did you know, like Typhus, COVID-19 can be contained?

  1. Really good advice. I know there are some living in places where physical distancing is difficult or even impossible, and a small number of people can’t wear masks. However it is frustrating to see how many people are not on board with this even as we have so much data to show how much of a benefit it has. Hopefully more people around the world catch on soon. Lives depend on it!

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    • I agree.
      I’m terrified of COVID, no lie.
      I know of so many people who have it.
      I know I sound like a broken record sometimes but I cannot help myself. I think of the children and the aged and despair anew. The kids returned to school. NO MASKS and when the government did supply, the quality was inferior. Then there was a lacking of sanitisers. Children wore masks as fashion statement accessories which I have said before, became a hindrance. I know its tough financially and we have some really desperate people here in SA who in plain winter alone, battle to survive. No with COVID, it is much worse.
      Yes, our lives depend on it.

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      • I don’t think you sound like a broken record at all. If people stop calling out how irrationally people and governments are behaving then we’ll be in even worse shape. Hopefully things improve soon. Four different vaccines are in final stages of clinical trials with 21 others in earlier stages of clinical trials. Behind that there are 139 more candidates. It’s only a matter of time – possibly as soon as early to middle of next year. But what we do now is important to minimize the negative impact.

        Stay safe, Kavitha.

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  2. I like the story you used to support your post, it made me sad though to think of those people. Regarding the use of mask, at this point I think it requires leadership to mandate and enforce mask usage with fines or possibly publicly announcing the names of people who don’t show respect for others. Sadly I observed lazy people just dropping garbage on the street the other day and I find it hard to accept or understand some people’s behavior. I was taught differently, but there it is, some people don’t care, about others, about the environment, or about rules or even societal etiquette. I apologize for this little rant. I think the masks and garbage are defeating my optimism this morning.

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    • David,
      A mini rant.
      I had a rant and rave, spit and spew this morning about cats being ill-treated. That is something I cant regurgitate now. Suffice to say, that you can expect a post and prayer for decency from the oxygen thieves we call people.
      I KNOW what you mean.
      I see them too. The other day, I asked a man where his mask was. My brother was surprised at my audacity. Mind you, same brother passed a snide comment when he saw the lack of the mask. The man apologised, showed me his mask and went on his way. He was smoking and meant to wear it at his destination.
      I was a little shopping mall getting the basics and both my husband and I were pointedly LAUGHED at for wearing the mask.
      My husband was livid and fortunately, I swallowed my words. See? Oxygen thieves.
      Yes, Im brutal. People make us that way sometimes.


      • Thank you for being kind and understanding. Hugs, and I admire that you spoke up. I wish others would also. The people who laughed at you are small minded and should be thanking you, the mask you wore protects them!

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  3. Corona has been around for a while, supposedly since 2005. So what is going on? Why are some saying until there’s a cure we have to wear masks that don’t work & stay away from one another, close churches, have everyone lose their small businesses, etc. There was never a cure for the common cold or the flu in all these years, there is never going to be a certain cure for this. Everyone should realize this fact. I have been posting this information on social media today.


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