SA, Umhlanga, the place to be…

Over a hundred days of lockdown, desperate for fresh air, we made a break for it…

Like Umdloti, Umhlanga Rocks is a favoured destination for the locals and with the easing of the lockdown, many had the same idea as we did. Walkers, runners, strollers or if you are a Liverpool fan, like my husband and proud to strut your stuff, in Liverpool branded gear, then that would be the place to be seen and heard. Especially if you have a penchant for aromatic coffee and tantalising breakfasts.

Since parking was like finding hen’s teeth, it was a longer and more enrichening walk which began with this view…


Further along the pathway…


Natal Plums or mutton goolas, a childhood favoured find, best tasted ripe and when green, a mouth watering pickle.

Healthy Succulents with a backdrop of famed resort life

A kitty well known by the locals, loved looking at the dogs and enjoyed the once off treats and an ear rubs.

En route to the Umhlanga Nature Reserve, we watched lovely lady in running gear, gracefully stopped down and took the time to scoop one such crawlie to safety. Sadly many were obliviously stomped in their rapid walks.

The view was worth the lenghty walk. I’d do it again and again.



My husband’s catch…. Which accompanied with mashed potatoes made for a mouth watering meal.

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