Good News for SA, Ease of Lockdown


Good news for South Africans as the lockdown is set to ease soon. This would mean that :

The following sectors of the economy will be allowed to open:
– restaurants for sit-down meals
– accommodation
– conference & meetings
– cinemas & theaters
– casinos
– hairdressers
– beauty salons
– non-contact sports like tennis & golf
– contact sports for practice

Businesses will have to adhere to strict rules & regulations. The dates still need be announced as to when they can open.

This means that well over half a million people will be able to go back to work… (and my respite during my daily commutes would become a thing of the past!)

19 thoughts on “Good News for SA, Ease of Lockdown

  1. Glad to hear it just hope it doesn’t spike numbers again! Beijing had to close down again already due to more cases. The USA is seeing the same thing especially with all the chaos going on. Won’t be surprised if we see states closing down again. The problem with this virus is not so much the virus itself, but society. They lifted restrictions here, but politely reminded people to still wear masks, keep a safe social distance etc and no one really listened.

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  2. Hope things go well. Here in the States some areas have seen an increase in cases after things “re-opened”. I keep waiting for the arrival of a viable treatment and/or a vaccine. Be safe!


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