Covid-19, Easing of Lockdown to Level 3?

Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s President has come under pressure from economists and the nation to ease the Lockdown.

The Lockdown had been eased to Level 4.  However, in his intended speech tonight,  no doubt prompted by the shrinking economy and dearth of employment and finances, he may rule for a further easing to Level 3.

He has previously stated what the world has come to know, that  life “will not be life as we knew it before” because the number of Covid-19 infections continues to increase.

The goal is to steadily reduce the alert levels by keeping the rate of infection down to enable the health system to ready itself for the inevitable increase in cases.

What Level 3 would look like :

What’s in

  • Clothing, textiles and footwear ramps up to full capacity
  • Stationary, books and hardware will be available
  • Consumption of off-premise alcohol, subject to limited hours (Mon-Wed, 8-12)
  • Postal and courier services resume
  • Limited domestic air travel, with a restriction on the number of flights per day
  • Full mining operations resume
  • Gardening and swimming pool services
  • Walking, jogging and cycling, but no time limits specified
  • The sale of tobacco products

Although the sale of tobacco products and exercising is allowed under level 3’s draft plan, the initial draft also had this under level 4. Government u-turned on it’s decision to allow the sale of tobacco products and a time limit was placed on exercise.

What stays

  • Curfews from 8pm to 5am
  • Public gatherings prohibited
  • Stay at home, other than essential travel for work and the purchase of essential items
  • No recreational travel to meet family or friends

One thing is sure : the curve has climbed and will continue to do so.

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16 thoughts on “Covid-19, Easing of Lockdown to Level 3?

  1. You had it much harder than we did. We have had postal service (Everyone has been shopping on line so they don’t have to go out.) and were allowed out to walk and bike, although if we see someone else coming we cross the street to keep social distancing. It’s spring here, and we’re grateful for the fresh air and exercise. I will keep South Africa in my prayers. Blessings – Annie
    P.S. Just a heads-up: I am nominating you for the Mystery Blogger Award, which will come out on my blog Friday. 🙂


    • Thank you for the nomination Annie.
      We could get items delivered and now Mr Delivery, is allowed to deliver food. Very strict regulations and that gives peace of mind.
      Spring?! I love Spring, my favourite season.
      It is winter, my comfort season, and sadly the season of colds and flus. So extra panic with COVID.
      Thank you for the prayers and the warm words…. what would we do without out WordPress family.
      Look after yourself and enjoy the birds and the bees.


  2. I appreciate this update because it gives me a view of how easing Covid restrictions is working in other countries. While the U.S. is opening more of its economy week by week, the true test will come in mid-June when our numbers will reflect more accurately the consequences of these actions.

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    • So glad that we can share information and idead as we do. Ive learned much on this platform.
      I know what you mean…
      Personally, the easing will bring back construction to life, meaning my husband returns to work. However he will be based away from home in an area that has far too many confirmed cases. Should they choose to close that site, it would mean unemployment.

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  3. One thing is for sure…life will not be same here after….COVID 19 will usher in a new era….an era of physical distancing….life will transform from hi 5s …hugs a hi from 6 ft….well we will get used to it..
    Economy matters….and industryand businesses have to get back on rail for the nations to survive ..

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  4. After I read your post I checked how Canada and my province of BC are doing. My province is now beginning to allow businesses of certain types to resume albeit with restrictions. I live in a small town and there are no infections in the hospital at all, but there might be someone who is at home and is infected. My city includes lots of seniors so there is a large potential here for tragic results if infections were to happen. Still people need to work, businesses need to run and most of them will run again but differently. It seems the travel restrictions help a great deal, but hotels, restaurants, wineries etc need those tourists. As a politician knows, there is no answer that will satisfy everyone and you get run over if stand in the middle of the road. Tough choices and there is also going to be some who don’t respect guidelines regardless of others.

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    • Rosaliene, Our President has been so good, its a heartening speech begging all to be on the same page, adapting to the Covid lifestyle. Lockdown will be eased according to the lower rate of infection in specific areas and by the end of May most of the country will be on level 3 lockdown.
      Hotspots to Covid19 will remain at level 4 lockdown.

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