Lumangwe Falls, Kwambwa, Zambia

Photo by @picbybern

11 thoughts on “Lumangwe Falls, Kwambwa, Zambia

    • Dear Drew, i posted it because it mattered so much to me. Truth be told, ive cried all week. I haven’t been able to talk and you are the first im talking to outside of the house. My darling favoured and prized last born kitty was hit by a car on his way from visiting his friends. He is the most beautiful soul and God took him away like this from me and my family. Ive been housebound and cant bring myself to go to my prized garden that used to give me so much joy. I leave the lights on and dish out his supper which is left near him. I still cant stop crying Drew, i cant help it. What is worse, is that Im pre-cognitive and experience severe chest pains before something hits. This time the pain was worse as it was in my house but i didn’t know WHO.
      Now I have a Family Fractured Forever and a broken heart. Again.


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