Lockdown : Perks for African Penguins loop

#Lockdown has its perks for #Africanpenguins in Simon’s Town.

A precious video of the Cape Penguins taking the world by storm…

This is one of the reasons why our Cape Penguin Rangers have their hands full but waddling down the street is enjoyable & safer for the birds these days, clearly!

Maybe they are off to get their essential supplies from the shops?

Look at how they walk on the pavement and wait for each other to catch up.

#AdoptAnEgg at https://bit.ly/3csbrtQ and get connected to the very heart of saving this #endangeredspecies.

Keeping our seabirds safe with #CityofCT SANParks – Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town Environmental Education Trust – CTEET

Video credit: @MikaelaSlier

22 thoughts on “Lockdown : Perks for African Penguins loop

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  2. So true God sorts out creation his own way when mankind stumbles in the darkness again but will people change after this or will it take more of the same to come to their senses that we only have one home …Earth God Bless ❤️


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