Since South Africa will be under lockdown at midnight tonight to combat the spread of COVID-19, it is important to know exactly what is happening and why…. Despite the technological evolution and social media frenzy, some clarity has been needed for those still needed to fully understand the differences between quarantine, isolation and distancing.

Quarantine :
is for people who have been exposed to the virus and do not have any symptoms. Being in self-quarantine does not necessarily mean you have COVID-19 symptoms however it is critical to monitor your health for 14 days and stay away from the public.

Self-isolation :
means that you have already contracted the virus and are showing symptoms. You are isolated to not infect any other individuals.

Social distancing :
is increasing the physical space between yourself and others to avoid the spread of the virus. Social distancing requires maintenance of at least 1 metre between yourself and another individual, especially if the other person is coughing or sneezing.

The intention of these decisive measures is to save millions from infection and death.

Simply put, COVID-19 is the biggest health emergency that needs to be confronted with since the second world war. A simple explanation in simple terms will help young and especially the old, cope with the weeks and months ahead.

This post was inspired, sourced and referenced because of questions posed by a somewhat confused older gentleman in the garden services industry.

Stay safe, stay strong.





  1. No, people over 65 have not been asked to self isolate…Our president is leaving it up to the States to determine when to shelter in place. Now he is saying the counties because he wants every one to get back to work, it’s hurting his numbers and it’s an election year. As a nurse I am dumbfounded at our presidents refusal to get a handle and take control over this calamity.

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    • Sad about the things some prioritizes. Here, i keep saying, practice good hygiene, sanitize, use common sense, remain positive and above listen to advice from the World Health Organisation.
      Today us the first day of lock down… Very quiet. Skies are dark. Feels a bit gloomy, a distinct pall in the atmosphere.
      Take care, stay strong.
      We value, all that you do. Our nurses i think, are the backbone of the medical society. 🤗


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