Dark of mind,
Anxious of soul,
Labelled lost, alone.
Desolate, discarded, adrift.
Depression, anxiety, madness, tis said…
Nay not so.
Tis a double edge sword.
Mayhap the brimming cup of brainy prowess
Oft, a sadness much too much to bear.
Medicate they say.
Away with thee, I say.
Leave me to mine solitude
Leave me to mine respite
When my mind, a mine to trine.
My pen, my sword to wield.
Out with rapier repartee,
Alas too late, hours past the insult hurled.
No matter now,
Welcome nebulous nepenthe
Words soft to flirt,
Gently flow to ebb
Against the tide
…Til the next waiting wave.

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