Unconventional Design Ideas

Working with architectural professionals and bouncing ideas off them is a joy.

There are bright sparks worldwide and our youngest bright spark, Dean, Architectural Intern is always at work, sketching, drawing or just drawing inspiration from all things design related.

Here are some of his finds, from other countries. Inspirational, relevant and necessary, especially for those challenged.

What do you think? Would any of these work in your environment?






16 thoughts on “Unconventional Design Ideas

  1. The bike pump, toilet flush and parking lines on the walls seem very practical and would be very helpful if put into common usage.
    The emergency exit sign is, sorry to say, not a great idea. It is doubtful anyone could or would read a small sign such as that if they were forced to crawl through a smoke-filled hallway. Illuminated lines on floor might be more useful.
    Architecture is an wonderful field to go in to.

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