So as I shut my eyes to sleep, they fill with tears,
for my homeland I weep
For its not just dust or dirt or stone,
it’s the land I belong to; it was my home!

And as long as I breathe upon this plain,
I will always feel this searing pain
Of a life that I had, and cherished and loved,
it was snatched from me this home that I loved

For wherever I lay my head in this world,
and whatever problems to me are hurled
It will never matter as much as home,
because away from my land I feel so alone

Not that I don’t have family or kin,
but it’s the place I miss; I have it within
My soul and being, my presence,
it’s me! and I will want to return for all eternity

And one day I will,
and this I assure, as there is only so much that I can endure
To be a foreigner in my parent’s homeland,
I do not belong understand?

For I am African, through and through,
and I am here through heritage, what do I do?
I try to fit in with all of my might,
to be honest my friends it’s a constant fight!

I wish I could return to the land that I love,
I pray to the big man who lives above
But I know that I am blessed from where I have come,
the pride and the breeding cannot be undone.

For I am a African, my birthright, my heritage,
I had no part in the hate and carnage
I have my identity, and forever will be proud,
I will shout it from the rooftops, say it aloud!!

I did not ask for war, or hate and bloodshed,
I would stick to my guns until my deathbed
We are all Africans no matter our race,
for I think we all dearly love this place

So while I am far and pine for home,
I hope that my homeland comes into its own
God Bless Africa, it’s a special place,
am so thankful that it was my birthplace!

Written by Liz Crilly Bedford via Ubiquitas
Zimbabwean expat for Zimbabwe identified by all South Africans abroad.

18 thoughts on “Homesick

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  2. Homesickness is such a bittersweet thing. I had a new friend from another country, and one day she shared with me a recording of some of the music from there. It was beautiful. I started getting that feeling of homesickness myself – for a country I’d never been to!

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