Plastic used positively for roads

In an effort to significantly reduce maintenance costs, and make use of the excessive supply of plastic, Cape Town officials with the collaboration of South African Engineers and MacRebur,  got its first plastic road in Jeffreys Bay.

MacRebur’s, CEO Toby McCartney found inspiration when he was working in Southern India on landfill sites where he saw locals use plastic materials as “pothole fillers” and set it alight.

Cape Town’s financial intention was to prevent costs over potholes and water seepages whilst environmentally, a plan to eliminate the tons of plastic from landfills.

For construction, plastic was turned into pellets to be added to the asphalt mix for the outer layer of the road. The project took three months to complete and used about three-million plastic (700kg) bags.

Africa’s milestone achievement for an environmentally and economically sustainable paid off handsomely.

Definitely the way forward for other countries.

Image credit : heraldlive.

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