Elephant hunting licences for Botswana


Sadly, Botswana will today hold its first major auction for trophy elephant hunting quotas to accommodate hunting in April 2020. The government is to issue seven hunting “packages” of 10 elephants each, confined to “controlled hunting areas”.


Home to the largest elephant population with more than 135 000, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said that the move would not threaten the elephant population. He defended his decision to end the hunting ban saying that Botswana has an overpopulation of elephants, and pledged to regulate the practice.

Previous president Ian Khama is decidedly bitter about the move as he had some six years ago, introduced a blanket ban to reverse the population of wild animals.


Image Credit : Kun TIAN Map of Africa’s elephant populations, with chronology of species protection measures, the ivory trade ban and poaching

Whilst self-interested locals welcomed the lifting of the hunting ban, conservationists and like-minded people fear the extinction of the species.

Seems the “marauding elephants invade villages located near wildlife reserves, knocking down fences, destroying crops, and at times killing people.”

Logic would dictate that the land be divided to house both humans and animals for symbiotic harmony. Obviously, logic eludes self-serving people and a regression in Botswana seems apparent.

Source :  msn

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