People watcher? There is a name for us…

Are you a people watcher like me?   There is a name for us!
Wait for it… “Gongoozler”

Yes, pronounced (gon-GOOZ-luhr), we are what is termed, idle spectators.

Be it leisurely watching the passage of boats or just observing things idly, we tend to visually guzzle up the sights and sounds.

Gongoozler. That’s me. Guilty. A past-time that I love, especially when I used to travel by bus. I would insert the ear phones, leave the music off (to deter conversationalists)  and appear to be engrossed.   A trick I learned because naive smiling me always seemed to attract the talkative aunties and unsavoury leering lechers.

That silent hour of being seemingly self-absorbed was most often, the only time, busy Mom, Wife, Employee had to myself.  Loved that time that allowed me to crochet and indulge in making up mental stories about my “subjects”.  When caught, I used to flush with embarassment until I learned to smile disarmingly.

As a motorist CTnow and a beach hopper, I stop and surreptitiously  stare.  Restaurants are my happy place. As my husband indulges in his meal, I narrate the scenarios, much to his amusement.  Bonus for him, slow eater and talker that I am, he gets to finish my beverage and meal.

Are you too guilty of people watching?
No harm in it, really!  Get caught? Smile and wave.









30 thoughts on “People watcher? There is a name for us…

  1. I people watch for few years now it is all I have had to do. It is a good past time and you learn a lot about the nature of people. It is how I came to understand the people where I live now like them or not. People watching protects you from the unexpected as they can no longer hide from view. Very good education from the soul. I have dones this for many years sensing their vibrations and facial expressions along with the tone of voice. Makes good for analysis too.

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  2. I’ve been known to be a congoozler myself. I like to watch people at parks, especially families. Seeing them spend time together, laughing and talking… It’s the little things that make us happy. 😀

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  3. Is gongoozling an English word, from another language, or a made-up word? ☺
    I agree with some of your other commenters that looking at people’s facial expressions helps you learn about people, not just those particular people, but about people in general.
    What is happening in that pic with the red umbrellas? Is it a wedding or some other important procession?

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  4. I’m a total gongoozler! I enjoy people-watching and yes, I make up scenarios and stories about some as I observe them. I can sit for hours at my fav haunt… a coffee shop… and not realize how time goes by. 😀


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  6. I remember the time that I was watching all the people and there was another watching me. At that point ai wondered if by chance the story that was being conjured up about me was much the same as the yarn that I was spinning for my own entertainment. I would find that this practice is very universal with many individuals. This was a great post and quite revealing. The best to you.


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