Africa unites, #Imstaying Movement

#ImStaying is a Facebook Group that was formed on the 7th of September, and over the past four months has grown to 1 053 000 members who have contributed to the platform and its growth through storytelling.

These stories have seemingly awoken something inside of us all and as a result an unfathomable number of good deeds have occurred which are now having a massive effect on how we view and treat each other, essentially changing social behavior from anger and fear to strength and giving.

The basic foundation of these rules are to UPLIFT & ENCOURAGE through GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS & AND GOOD DEEDS.

We have (for whatever reason) been called to bring about change to South Africa, and we are honoring that call. It’s a group effort Stayers, and this group effort is not about money but about change. Change in attitude and change in circumstance…

If you are able and willing to help financially then we thank you. If you are only able to help by offering someone a plate of food, or a little bit of your time, then we thank you. This is not a competition and this is by no means a sprint.

We have a long and winding road ahead of us. Make no mistake, the situation in South Africa is dire and in need of desperate attention, and it is for this reason that we exist.

Unemployment as Kieno Kammies said yesterday is a “ticking time bomb” and it is for this reason why 2020 will be a year of incredible focus and action toward this major problem that we face as a nation. We ALL get to be a part of solution for this problem.

It has never been more important for us to come together as a people and take on our challenges as a united front.

We ask our members that are new or in the dark about what we are doing to please educate yourselves through the media where we have poured countless hours into talking about our plans and what we are doing, but don’t make silly comments, or attack us for trying to help our country and its people.

Shortly we will be releasing our website which will show clearly our partnerships, affiliations, funding, initiatives, audits and much more but for now we are reliant on the limited functionality that the forum offers us.

If you feel that this group is not for you that’s okay, you are not forced to be here, but if you plan to stay and work with us, we ask that you do so in the spirit of what we are aiming to achieve, with It’s about the fact that we are all staying, some by choice, some not, but if we are all staying then it’s time to roll up our sleeves, tighten our bandanas, get into a scrum position and get ready for the battle of our lives. Because that’s exactly what we are fighting for.

We are in a fight for our lives, for our children’s futures and for the heart and soul of South Africa.

And then one day, over ONE million South Africans came together. And in one voice said “THAT’S ENOUGH”… Enough division, enough anger, enough fear…

We decided to take control of our lives and step outside of ourselves. We reached out and gave a helping hand to those who needed it most. We stood side by side and shared with each other our love and humanity… GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS and GOOD DEEDS.

We inspired each other and gave each other hope, while those who had been elected to lead us turned their backs. By the time they realised what was going on, we had already established ourselves as the largest force for good on the African continent powered by love, understanding and compassion…

And in the year 2020 we began to take our first steps together as a nation to build in crucial areas that needed it the most.

We learned the power of one, and we took that message and spread it to 1 050 000!

Right there and then we knew that nothing would ever be the same again, and that while we were looking for someone to come and save us, our savior had been within us the entire time…


Rise, Still We Rise 🔥🔥🔥

Jarette Petzer