Did you know…Thalassophobia

Thalassophobia is an intense and persistent fear of the depth of the ocean.

That’s me!
Anyone else with this phobia?





32 thoughts on “Did you know…Thalassophobia

  1. I have it. Not only of an ocean, but of a sea or a lake. I learnt to swim, but cannot go anywhere where I cannot reach the bottom. No boat rides or ferries either. It’s not that I’m afraid of sea life, it’s thinking about the depth that makes me anxious.
    Never met anybody with the same problem!馃

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  2. That’s a new one for me. Didn’t know there was a specific word for this specific fear. I’m scared of getting into a swimming pool too! A childhood near drowning incident did that to me. So generally, I’m scared of all water bodies that go above my knees 馃檪

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