Giancarlo Poole Krueger

This is Giancarlo and his mother Amanda. He was 19 years old. He died last Sunday in his apartment from a heroin overdose.

Giancarlo’s mother Amanda Poole Krueger wanted us to share his story.

She doesn’t want to sugarcoat what happened.
She wants people to know the ugly truth of drug addiction.

The ugly truth about heroin.
The ugly truth that it can happen to anyone.

Heroin doesn’t care if you’re young or old.
If you’re rich or poor.
If you’re black or white.
Heroin doesn’t care.

Amanda says:

LKids are DYING and people are too afraid to be honest even in obituaries because of the social stigma.

How can I go on Craigslist right now and search for black roofing tar and find heroin for sale?
And clear sealant?
That means meth.

How do I know this and the police don’t?
Why isn’t this a weekly segment on the news?

My son had been clean for 10 months and working for the County of Marin.
He had his own apartment.

We found out he was using on July 24 2017.
We sent him to a rehab that cost $45,000 for 45 days.

Then we sent him to intensive out patient rehab for another 3 months and then a sober living house in Mill Valley for a year.

He relapsed and died alone in his bed.
He was the most gentle soul.

He had a 6 year-old brother Clyde.
He promised to wake up on Christmas Eve so they could look for Santa together.

He was my best friend.
The last thing he’s said to me was:
“I’m ok mom I love you too.”
That was at 10:20 on Saturday Night.

He always answered my calls.
But on Sunday morning he didn’t.
And I just knew.

The only way I can explain this pain is that every cell in my body that created my son is on fire yearning to hold him again.
It’s a physical pain I feel only a mother would know.
It’s in my bone marrow.
Just a deep yearning to touch him and hold him.

My husband took Giancarlo’s brother Clyde out for a drive to tell him what happened.

He told Clyde:
“I know you see a lot of family coming over and you probably don’t know why.”

Clyde said:
“No I don’t dad”

He said:
“Giancarlo had an invisible disease that made him sad and he took medicine that the doctor did not give him and it made him very sick and he died and went to heaven.”

I wasn’t there but my husband said that my son gave a gut wrenching scream that didn’t sound like it could come from a six year old.

He then brought him home through the back door and he laid in bed with me and covered his face with a blanket and fell asleep.

Giancarlo will be buried on January 7th.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.
I’m learning now that it also takes a village to bury a child.

I don’t know what the solution is but we have to open the conversation in a big way.

Please use my son’s story.
Please help me warn parents that this is out there.
Even in Napa.
Please help me help other families.
Please, please, please.
It’s all I can do now

—Amanda Poole Krueger

As posted on Facebook by Ian Treacy. Please follow the link to learn and educate.

29 thoughts on “Giancarlo Poole Krueger

  1. Giancarlo had everything our society assured him would lead to a happy and successful life. There is a terrible imbalance in our world today. Those who have nothing live in hopelessness. Those who have everything live in emptiness. Individuals on both sides find escape in some form of addiction. The worse forms of addiction, in my mind, are the addictions to lust, greed, and power–all manifested in the character of men like Jeffrey Epstein.


  2. We have this sad addiction epidemic in the United States. My son-in-law is an ambulance EMT and attends to overdosed victims often, some make it to live on, some don’t. Thank you for sharing this…..prayers for Giancarlo’s mother and all others affected with this addiction.

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    • Here too, they have drugs called “sugars”, more easily affordable and the stories are heart break-breaking. I know of a mother who knew relief after her son’s passing, he had done the worst in his life and despite her best intentions, he slipped through the cracks. Harsh realities and more common now. Soul destroying.

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    • Soo many drugs,.
      When my son was offered space muffins at school at age 8, I was appalled. I made it a point to bake muffins and store it in the freezer. Rather safer home baked I thought.
      My cousin has three kids under 14. She is petrified with the negative environment and has the kids do drugs tests. No blood tests, just the average pregnancy type test.
      Rather safer than sorry.

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  3. My heart is broken for you and especially for your younger son, who will not get to go find Santa with his big brother. I am struggling with the same thing and have for years. I am looking into opening a substance abuse research center for free for every victim who has and is losing the battle to addiction. I am looking for suggestions, opinions, and any help. I want to start it in NYS as this is where it is so rampant as well. I am so sorry for your loss. If there is a way I can contribute, please let me know. God willing we will not be alone in this battle of recovery for those who are too ashamed, afraid and alone to seek help. God Bless you and your family. xoxox

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  4. So sorry for the loss of this young man, i have a friend who is addicted to alcohol and cocaine, she is getting some help , but I feel its not enough to help her, its so difficult to understand that people make money from other people’s addictions.


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