Australian Fires… Prayers needed.

Too far away to physically help so praying desperately for safety for all those affected by the fires in Australia.

There is a widely-reported estimate that almost half a billion (480 million) animals have been killed by the bush fires in Australia.

50 thoughts on “Australian Fires… Prayers needed.

  1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Yes Australia really needs prayer at the moment. My friend has been caught in Mallacoota since Tuesday. I was speaking to her on the phone. She was shut in her car with her husband to escape the smoke and was preparing to run into the water. I prayed with her and then I thought I had asked her if she wanted me to stay on the line and talk to her or get off and give her a chance to hear from family. I got off the phone but have neen worrying ever since particularly as she is asthmatic. Still no news is good news or so I’m told.


  2. I have been following this on Facebook, and I have a friend in Ahstralia who is in danger. It is just AWFUL. Yes, prayers are INDEED needed. A change in the weather is needed, as the weather is just keeping the fires going. Oyr hearts go out to all those in Australia, and to these poir animals too. Lord please help them. Amen

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  4. Unfortunately a lot of people have turned against those offering thoughts and prayers. Although the notion is well intended, the gravity of the damage, the fear of facing the flames is just too much for some to accept words against physical loss. I appreciate this post, and thank you for recognising our countries terror. ❤

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