Tips to fall asleep in a hotel room…

Desperate for a holiday and looking forward to seeing the sights but know that falling asleep in a hotel room would be a trial?!  Help is at hand with some tips to help catch those elusive forty winks or a well deserved night’s rest.

1.    Pack your teddy bear. Think like Mr Bean! Seriously.  Having a comforting reminder (and scent!) of home is a great aid to falling asleep.

2.     No rooms near the elevator or at the beginning of a passage! Put people’s laziness to access the stairs and ask for the area near the stairs.

3.    Too hot to sleep?  Turn on the air-conditioner to the desired temperature.  NOTHING wrong with covering up with a duvet cover. There’s something infinitely cosy with the comfort and security of a blanky.

4.    Use a timed app, easily downloadable on most phones to ease into slumber. My daughter swears by it.

5.    Hot and muggy? A refreshing cooling shower in warmer weather and a steamy shower in cooler weather helps.

6.    I loved my nights in Delhi, the rowdy late comers to the hotel, not so much!  Remember the ear plugs.

7.    Forget the companionship and background chatter of the television, that blue light is a strain on the eye.

8.    Remember to keep the phone and its electro magnetic radiation away from you .  As a rule, learn to make this a habit

9.    Remember the book! Light reading and a compellingly good book helps reduce angst and anxiety.

10.  That “do not disturb” sign? Use it and hang it up.  It will keep away the early morning housemaid and allow your jet lagged body to recover.

11.  Scared to oversleep, ask Reception for “a wake up” call.

12.  Feeling lonely? Remember the movie Cheaper by the Dozen? Ask Housekeeping to send up extra pillows.

13.  If all else fails, go black. Use the black out curtains.  “Light” hurts the body clock and the eye. Shut it out, most good hotels have this feature.

14.  Go Big, ask for the King Sized Bed. Maybe it’s the princess iimagery that comes to mind but there is something very appealing about sleeping on a king size bed.

Orange Facebook Cover

When the OCD kicks in and the imagination runs rampant, ask Housekeeping for more sheets and make up the bed yourself.   If that is what it takes, then do it.  It didn’t endear me to the staff but I hoped the healthy tip I left helped with the inconvenience of a “trying guest”.

As a non-smoker, I made my myself miserable by settling for a smoker’s room.  The stench of stale cigarette smell is entrenched in my brain.  Needless to say, I got no sleep at all that night.  Do not settle.  Rather opt for another establishment.

If warm milk and a hot cuppa has failed, bring on the wine or Amarula.  Works like a charm.


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