Spotted Baby Zebra spotted in Kenya

These incredible images show an adorable zebra foal as you’ve never seen it before. Taken by photographer Rahul Sachdev, 41, the images show the female zebra and her foal – with a unique spotted coat. The images were taken earlier this month (September) in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Zebras are the type of animals that are difficult to be distinguished in a group of Zebras, given their standardized look. They are indeed gorgeous animals though. Also, what is worth mentioning is the similarities between Zebras and horses in the personality aspect.

They are both really calm, friendly and sociable animals. Horses, as you all know are more preferred as pet animals because they can be more beneficial to humans in a lot of aspects.

Credit : Tony Grassy, Horses World

25 thoughts on “Spotted Baby Zebra spotted in Kenya

  1. Kavitha, help, I am melting 😛 How incredibly deliciously marvelously adorable is this little one! I did not know
    zebra foals had this spotted fur – this cutie looks a bit like a divine mix of deer, horse, and zebra to me. What a great start to
    the working week with such a gorgeous image! Dhanyavad lovely, and wishing you a great week, hugs xox

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    • When I saw this, I thought it was a photoshopped image.
      So glad that I was proven wrong.
      This is the hand of God, a creation so pure and precious, I wonder what else God has in store for us.
      Sometimes, I think God is fed up of us and looking at other children. HE knows how much we have erred, sinned and deviated from goodness and wholesomeness. Perhaps, it was an eye-opener. However one looks at it, one think is certain, it is a divine mix for sure.
      I pray that he lives to a ripe old agree, free from hunters and harm.

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      • Yes, I join you in that prayer and heartfelt wish…may all beings be free from suffering. Wish we could protect all our animal friends from ill-intentioned people… That cute foul is such a divine creature of beauty and innocence, just awe-inspiringly adorable…Big hugs

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