My South Africa, why we live here…

As told by Vivian van Eeden, Cape Town. South Africa

“So my gardener lad did not have enough work (& I cant afford him every weekend either lol) so I let him do a car wash in my driveway every Sat & Sun. We do his invoice book together & budget for his washing supplies (& he uses my rain water tanks – CT still in restricted drought!)

The last 3 months he has done so well with so many compliments! At least one weekend a month he makes enough for his whole month rent! & this month he even hired a friend to help so at least one more person earns on weekends!

All I had to do was fund his very first round supplies, use of my rain water & use of my driveway on weekends! Wow

I am ever grateful to our community for supporting him and the regulars that come for a wash every time! We can do small differences together!!!”



27 thoughts on “My South Africa, why we live here…

    • It is… Our Cape is still vigilant. I though, am ever vigilant about not wasting. I think on the impoverished and people in desolate areas and with pangs of conscience, I pray for them. My children too, do not waste water. Even the visiting birds and cats get their share of water for their parched throats. I get rewarded with morning melodies and blinking eyes from the strays.


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