SA, Bonana brings Bambi to you…

Tour Guide Extraordinaire, Tezz brings Bambi to you.

Image Credit : Bonana Tours and Transfer

25 thoughts on “SA, Bonana brings Bambi to you…

  1. I cannot exactly explain, but I will try ~ My great Grandfather and Grandfather have been Ayurvedic doctors and Healers down the generations – and over the long years, I have worked towards achieving by ways of prayers, meditation, reading and studying, (I have written articles here on how by praying ect and also the Wikipedia Link where both of my grandfather’s details are there to show who they are) It is said ~ Energy goes where is needed most ~ so maybe certain articles are not meant for you or not relevant. Because at certain times, you had said, “Received” and Thanked. It so happens that certain e-mails go to junk folder in my case too sometimes. Does that make sense?

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  2. We enjoy the deer that come into our yard occasionally. Such lovely, regal creatures! (Except when they eat the tender leaves and buds on my rosebushes–I had to get deer repellent for that!!) Thank you for visiting my blog, Kavitha!


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