Not everyone’s cup of tea.

“Not everyone’s cup of tea”,  a popular English idiom to explain something or someone that is not to everyone’s liking, is a refrain that puts into perspective the attitudes of changing times.

A recent, rancid rant and news of a dear person’s death put matters into perspective.  There was a moment of silence for the departed soul, followed by “Poor XXXX, they commiserated.  They went on to say, “Pity, he was not everyone’s cup of tea”. “NOT EVERYONE’S CUP OF TEA”?  Who cares, especially now when that person no longer draws breath?
So, what if he was not “everyone’s cup of tea”?

So what if I am not? Or you, for that matter?!
Why fit in some mould determined by society? Worse still, being disparagingly criticised by family when love and respect should be foundational? That is immeasurably sad.  Let’s face it.  Criticism, provided that it is constructive, is good.  A character assassination? Unacceptable.  Vitriolic verbalizations brings upset.  Explanations in the face of rage would be moot. When confrontation seems disastrous, it is best to walk away.

Sometimes irrespective of how intrinsically “good” or decent one is, it may be  that one is not ideal in another’s view.  Those times already invested, time taken out of one’s life to listen, understand and advise, will never come back.

No matter how much one has cared (and still do),
No matter what one has done (and will not do going forward),
NO MATTER WHATEVER, for some, it will simply not be enough.

Loss in growth, is unpalatable, sometimes inevitable too. Those accomplishments slogged over, family time, emotional and financial investments pored over, all at great expense to oneself and loved one’s…..does not have to be shared.

Gain would be the peace of mind, mental uncluttering and increased value as a person, a worthy human being for oneself and others who DO matter.

Your path does not have to shared with naysayers and trouble makers, who do NOT matter.  The next chapters of one’s life can be focused on continual improvement and happiness shared with those that are decent and appreciative.  Forget the in–laws and the out–laws. If no matter what one has done, if that has gone unrecognized, then moving on, is the only solution.

Perspective first.  Mindset second. Your health always.

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45 thoughts on “Not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Very good! It seems people expect everyone to fit in that mould created by society or you end up being ‘not everyone’s cup of tea’. Guess that’s me!😂I helped a friend fixing up his house to sell, just a couple things needed to be done at first, the list grew to 10 things, I did 8 but couldn’t do the other 2 so he got angry and called me useless and good for nothing. Fits what you said,’ for some it will simply not be enough.’ Oh well, that’s what happens sometimes.😄

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  2. You’ve made some excellent points. And after spending too much time with those whose cup of tea I am not (which doesn’t take long), spending time with those who love me is such a healing balm. I want to be that kind of person to others. I’m “seeking divine perspective,” because I want to see the value in everyone, whether they’re my cup of tea or not. (Sometimes a cup of coffee can be an unexpected blessing. 😉 )

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  3. I think it’s important to understand that it is love that foster bonding between family and friends. Criticism doesn’t. Everyone has shortcomings, so why point finger at others?

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  4. Life is too short to accept the notion of acceptance. You have broached a notion “Of The World”. There may not be an important factor in life to have popularity while alive here on Earth. Tea? I drink tea only once in a while, and even years between cups. But, when I drink, I savor the moment. Could that be of what you speak? Love your presentation and development.

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