Bloggers International Friendship Award

Yesterday marked my fourth blogging anniversary with WordPress, a concerted effort having been made more in the last two years or so.

During that period, I have found a purpose, an outlet and worthy relationships from many countries that have given me much joy.  I have learned much about from the WordPress platform, shared as much about my beloved South Africa and will continue to do so. 

One of those precious relationships is my friend, Valerie Cullers,  who navigates the world from a Christian view.  Having lost my dear Christian Aunt to cancer, my heart was lacking in the Christianity that my aunt instilled and lived.  In Valerie, I found solace in words that uplift, comfort and educate.  Valerie is a writer, speaker and author living near Boise, Idaho. My good friend works as a Speaker Trainer for the ministry she serves with. A bibliophile, voracious reader and educator, Val desires to be a peacemaker in the midst of a divisive society.

In honour of all bloggers, Valerie has created the Bloggers International Friendship Award which in honour of her second blogiversary, she will award annually… and her first award was to me!!.  In Val’s words, this award is to be bestowed to “the one person whom you have connected with from another country, who has enriched your life and you truly consider this person a friend.  

 Im honoured to be blessed so.  I’ve learned much from Val. She may be a distance away geographically but her teachings and words live in my heart.

 In that same spirit, on my blogging anniversary, I would like to award The Bloggers International Friendship Award to Kranti over at Sparkkling Thoughts.  

 Kranti is in her words :

A blogger and free spirit. I believe writing is a blessing to me! It makes me feel complete & better as a person. For me, every little experience counts in life. Incidents I come across always inspire me to share my experience. I think, if my blogs can encourage a single person in some way or spread little happiness I will feel truly blessed. Life is too short to get caught up in negative thoughts, let’s radiate some positive vibes together!

Congratulations Kranti on The Bloggers International Friendship Award.   Award one that you think that is deserving of this award.

Let us ALL clear the negativity and doom, let us continue to Inspire, Uplift and Motivate. 



45 thoughts on “Bloggers International Friendship Award

  1. How wonderful. Congratulations to you. I am so glad to hear that Valerie has given you the words you needed to hear. That is a great guft. I have had people in here who have done that for me. I am really sorry to hear about your aunt. May she Rest in Peace. I am glad that she had her Christian faith to help her through. I love to hear about South Africa, as you know. It sounds to be a wonderful place. I get the feel of it from you. You truly deserve thus Award, and I will take a look at Valeri’s site. Thankyou for this lovely post

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  2. Many congratulations dear Kavita and Thank you so so much! I respect and treasure this beautiful friendship! May our friendship keep blooming to spread the fragrance of love and positivity. Happy Blog Anniversary. Stay luminous always.. much love and hugs!

    ‘Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious!’ ✨✨

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  3. I am touched by your kindness and seeing you post about our friendship on line touches my heart. This heart connection is truly a gift from God and a special gift. You, too, are a fellow traveler on this earth and we both find joy in the beautiful and we shudder at the unjust! May God richly bless you on your 4th Blogiversary!

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  4. I love this idea. While I have a small following, I have been blessed to connect with other bloggers, especially one on the other side of the world who is like a kindred spirit. Blogging requires a commitment and intention to create something of worth – beyond the quick click like that of other social media. I have received and shared my thoughts with others. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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