Abandoned Kitty no more…

Mind boggling how far humans have stooped… Obviously dumped at the local shopping centre, this beautiful little kitten was left to her own devices in a massive car park that would have only brought a bitterly sad ending.

To my consternation, I found this gorgeous tame beauty cowering in fear as she was kicked by a security guard in an attempt, to be removed. Seems like the little one sought escape from the external elements that morning and took cover in the sari shop.  Within moments, the panic stricken, anxious kitty was retrieved by my husband and taken home to be fed and cared for by son.  The shopping needed concluding and when we arrived home later, it was to find an exhausted yet spirited, playful kitty.  The other kitties received her somewhat indifferently.  Leo my eldest (rescued from a manhole) and my shadow, was not impressed by the hissing white fluff of fur.  Jag, my youngest (rescued from certain death and raised practically in my arms) felt relegated to being a middle child after a year of being the pampered pet and baby of the household.  Such was his power, that he merely had to meow for all to be drawn to attend to him.  Snosey, the travelling lonesome kitty (rescued by Leo…yes, our cat rescued and volunteered our house and garden as a shelter), stared at the new kitty as if to say, “Not again!, what is it with these people bringing home strays!”

That night, the kitty only managed to fall asleep after being patted like a baby.  As I watched her, Kitty, obviously a light sleeper, awoke. I watched the fear register. Unknown face, unknown surroundings and Kitty hopped down and cowered yet again.  Finally, she fell asleep only to be awakened in fear. It was a mad dash to safety under the bed as she listened to Leo protect his territory from another random cat outside.    My point here?  Fear, helplessness and a desperate “Fight or Flight” existence for these poor helpless souls.


So many questions I torment myself about human behaviour.  How can pets be abandoned the way they are? What does that say about us humans?  Is this the mentality that we perpetuate? What of our children?  Children learn what they live…is this the future?

Dutifully, I pinned up the posts in search of the missing owner. There was some commiseration and a whole lot of apathy judging by the lack of responses, given the scope and reach of the Community Page.  No one wants the additional mouth to feed and their “problem” becomes someone one else’s.   As a Mom to now four rescues at home and at least three stray kitties (one “Handsome Boy”, caught, neutered and released) in the office car park,  yes, the cost factor does weigh in heavily.  The responsibilities to ensure that that they are provided for takes time and some doing.

An amazing group of people head up the Kitty Care Organisation and I sought assistance in placing this kitten in a worthy home.  No luck.  There are SO MANY pets out there, abandoned, abused, betrayed, I could go on.  Suffice to say that today’s “gift” may be tomorrow’s burden for some.  Leaving for work these past days have been arduous as Kitty wraps herself around my legs and refuses to let me leave.   My shoes are not safe but there is light, the kitty has resumed being what she is meant to be, a precious, playful soul, unguarded and free. Long story short, the family has bonded with the little one, more especially the son, who has now named her, “Elsa”.



As the season turns into winter soon, I cringe at the thought of our furry friends at risk and ask sincerely that every effort be made in some small way to assist, donate, adopt or have “playdates” with pets.  There is nothing more healing or true than the love of a pet.




88 thoughts on “Abandoned Kitty no more…

  1. I have seen families bring in pets on a whim, as a birthday present etc. And once the pup has grown attached, they quite coolly give it away to others. Reason being the pup is too large now, can’t provide meat and so on. So why bring him in the first place?? Abandoning little ones is even worse. What has happened to humans?
    You’ve done a great job. Glad to read about little Elsa.

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  2. This is incredibly heartwarming. Another little furry friend has a home – every single one counts. I am so happy that you took her in:)
    All the best for you and little Elsa

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  3. Beautiful kitten! My own cat was an abused kitty which I adopted from our cat shelter. She was such a terrified cat at first, took a long time for her to settle in to her new life, but now she is a very loving cat! Glad you were able to give this kitten a good home.

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  4. I agree pets are bundles of joys who unknowingly improve our lives like no other. It’s really sad and cruel some people abandon them… unfortunately all over the world, and many of these poor animals die. I am so happy for Elsa now she has a loving and caring family.


  5. I think I’d take in every stray if I could. I hate the thot. So glad Elsa got a home !! If only we could help every single one. But maybe each one. Will do what we can!!

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  6. What a lovely post. You are truly a decent human being. I like you cannot fathom why anyone would harm an animal…it’t beyond me. Both of my dogs are rescued and one I have had for about six weeks and she is scared of everything especially men. But is growing into a loving dog who now just wants to be with me 24 hours a day. A sweet gorgeous little animal.

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  7. I applaud your love of animals. I, too, am concerned about those who abandon animals, but I am more concerned about those who would abort a baby. There are those who would justify any cruelty for the sake of their own convenience.

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  8. I, myself am not a cat person. I am thankful that there are people who are and look out and love cat for whatever a cat could be. The World needs more people like you and less of the abandoners. BTW you have nice hands. Great post about a beautiful story.

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    • John, thank you for the warm words and constant support. I value your words and opinions. To be honest, I always had dogs. Once my labradors passed, I refused pets, the hurt was that bad. Then Leo was saved and there was no one for him. Then one by one, at painful periods in my life, they came in. How could I abandon them? Weve grown to love and protect them. They are loyal and we are family… I know that one day, my kids will love and protect the abandoned babies.
      Have a fine weekend.
      We are preparing for my daughter’s graduation, degree done. I send warm regards. Always🤗💐🌸🌺

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  9. She is soo adorable! I always want to do something for abandoned animals and when I see people doing this, I feel so good! Glad she got a new and safer place to live!

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  10. ‘Elsa’, I will always think of ‘Born Free’ – your new furry addition to your family certainly looks to be the lioness of the pride. Bless you and your family for taking in all the waifs and strays that the two legged mammals have neglected xxx

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  11. That lovely picture popped up on my screen and gave me a slight start as I once had a kitten that was identical except that he had stunning blue eyes. He was my third “rescue”. No idea where he came from but he had been attacked by another animal that all but tore his tail off. The “rescue lady” I got tied up with had taken him in and took him to my vet where most of his tail was amputated, but she could not pay the bill. So I took care of it and went to collect him as he obviously needed a home. I named him Cisco and my Panther befriended him, as he did all my cats. Cisco turned into an almost orange cat and he was HUGE. He was also very timid until the last year of his life when he suddenly had a personality change and became outgoing and friendly to everyone who had only ever hear me talk about him. I lost him in 2016, the year of many losses that nearly did me in.
    It’s amazing how quickly you can go from having one cat to being a multi-cat owner and once the word goes out people assume you will just scoop another one up. Then they go away praising themselves for having done a good thing! Most of them don’t even offer a donation and yes, it gets really expensive when you add in vet bills and all the rest.
    Running a foster home as I did for 7-8 years ended by wearing me down. Thank God for the handful of really great people I got to know. At least they gave me hope.
    Best wishes to you and love to your lucky kitties.

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