SA, Drone footage

Credit : I love SA

40 thoughts on “SA, Drone footage

      • Oh no! We have horrible people in this country. Last week police cought people with a pangolin in a bag in their car boot. They were going to sell it for R500, 000. I have been going to the wilderness for years and years and have never even seen one!! What is it with such monsters?

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      • I dont know but i will tell you that my 3 kitties are babies rescued by us. I feed three at work. I saw a baby kitty thrown to die. His sibling was run ovee. The lone baby is terrified and runs from people. They promised to help us catch it so i can re-. home it. Joke, they see and laugh. I see them and think imbeciles. 😔

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      • Kavitha, that is so upsetting to hear. Who would be so cruel and what have they to gain from it. I hope Owen is not too upset by it. The only solace I can find is that I believe in karma. The footage was beautiful and it must be awesome to live close to so many amazing animals and awesome nature. Marie Xx


      • Marie. Owen closes his ears and refuses to deal with it. Its too much for him. Pleaae see my comment to Marie. Im so drained. Doc says i have stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Booked me off work. Heavily sedated. This is my lucid moment.
        I get premonitions and if i know the person well, I advise them. The worst thing is knowing its going to happen but i cant help ot advise because i do not know WHO the person is. ☹️😔

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      • I can fully understand, it is Owen’s way of coping. Try to practice some self-care, use your time out. Maybe it’s best you don’t know the people involved as it may only put your own safety at risk. I will be thinking of you. Le grà, Marie Xx

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