Book Lovers, 10 words to chew on


As an avid cruciverbalist, a share of my ten words for the bookworms out there to chew on :

Bibliophilia :
That intense passion and love for books? A word coined from the Greek words biblio (book) with ichor (the immortal fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods).

Biblichor :
Desperate for the moment to immerse yourself into a book, in particular, the smell of an old book?

Delitrium :
Dizzying euphoria after inhaling too much of a new book.

Vellichor :
Looking for wistful escapes into long winding passages of time and treasured books?  The “high” of used bookstores filled to capacity with old books, that you are desperate to read (yet know that you will not have all that time), books bound and held with reverence? That’s Vellichor.

Tsundoku :
Much like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and all book lovers are guilty of this at some stage, is the purchasing of books, allowing them to pile up, again knowing that your BTR (Books To Read) list is almost as long as your arm? The Japanese have informally called that Tsundoku.

Chaptigue :
Know you have to earn your rent by working tomorrow, yet still cannot put that book down? Stayed up all night or until the early hours of the morning reading, despite the ensuing tiredness? Chaptigue, a good kind of fatigue. 

Mehnertia :
Something, I rarely feel, except perhaps for my school Maths Workbook. In my defense, the world of books and Literature ranked way higher than Maths equations. I digress though…
That process of picking up a book, putting it off, putting it down, not quite “feeling it”. Picking it up again, knowing that it will take some moments to re-absorb and continue?

Favoread :
You love all your books right?  However, that special one has captured a permanent, place in your heart and mind? Favoread it is.

Readlief :
So much of hype, I succumbed and read “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I had been meaning to for years. Finally did. Guess what, it was great  (Shortlived – great. Why? Time, energy (stamina?), resources deficit.) Decades married bookish mother of two here.

Librocubicularist :
Slang in literary circles used to describe people who read in bed. Derived from Latin liber ‘book’ and cubiculum ‘sleeping chamber’.  Move over Christian Grey.

I sigh, as I am clearly in the wrong life script.  That Meg Ryan moment, no, not the orgasmic one in “When Harry Met Sally”. The other one in “You Got Mail” where Kathleen Kelly is passionate over her late Mom’s bookstore?  I could live like that.

So if like me, scripturient,  logophile that you are, are afflicted and engage intensely with your bookish characters and are prone to glowting, ie, raving about your favourite author to any worthy listening ear, rave on.

Music may be the food of love but Books Are Fuel For The Soul.
 biblio - britishmuseumorg

Image Source & Credit : British Museum
Frontispiece of Britannia seated on a rock, in profile to left, showing portrait miniatures to three winged naked children who are drawing on her lap; three more children descending on a cloud, carrying books and scrolls which are lettered: “Italy”, “France”, “Flanders”; on the right, Britannia’s shield in front of a bust statue and an olive tree; on the left, a lion seated, and ships in the sea in distance; after West; illustration to ‘Fine Art’ by Bromley. 1787.  Print made by Francesco Batholozi.

73 thoughts on “Book Lovers, 10 words to chew on

  1. I had to laugh at myself because I have never encountered these words. Well done! … Reminded me of a post I did long ago about words that never appeared on my blog, which actually the WordPress editors bestowed Freshly Pressed status on it.

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  2. I’m a Librocubicularist and loves books as much like fluffy, soft teddy bears. Due to frequent bronchitis, I had to say good bye sleeping with my teddy bear, but books replaced the sleep partner role 😊❤ I have Biblichor and I enjoy reading old books that my parents and grandparents read. That mesmerizing aroma of old books and full of wonder and wisdom, I love the old books more 😊

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  3. I love your blog. I know I will go through it, be a tourist for a moment. Thanks for the words, well explained better than how they are spelled. The first word meshes right well with my voracious attitude for books. I suffered Tsundoku and allowed books to pile absentmindedly but this was causing some small internal depression so I did something it. No matter how appealing a book is its getting is impossible unless I finish or conclude the current read.

    Well instead of Biblichor I prefer Petrichor. I am not a fan of psychical copies. I love ebooks— college ruined me— it wasn’t so from the beginning.

    I’m sorry for long comment. Thanks for the words I knew none of them.

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