Did you know, Teddy Bears

Did you know that the Teddy Bear, that source of security and comfort for children and adults originated from President Teddy Roosevelt?

Long time ago, on a hunting trip in Mississippi, Teddy Roosevelt was unable to find an animal to kill.  Members of the hunting party had already killed animals with the aid of hounds.  Teddy’s entourage found a black bear, clubbed it and tied it to a tree to enable Teddy to shoot it. Teddy refused and ordered the bear to be put out of its misery. This resulted in a political cartoon with a much smaller bear. Morris Michtom saw the cartoon which inspired him to create a softer, bear cub which he advertised as “Teddy’s bear,” with Teddy Roosevelt’s permission. Instant commercial success. The rest is history.


Credit : Wikipedia

Famous Bears :

Mr Bean’s Bear “Teddy” has been stitched and decapitated many times but Mr Bean never travels without it.

mr beans bear

Winnie the Pooh has brought joy to many children over the years, my children and their mother included.


Credit : fanpop.com

The next time you see a teddy, know that it originated with Teddy Roosevelt.

As for that teddy, that visually appealing garment loved by women (and men!), perhaps that was invented for comfort (like the teddy bear) for women.  Either way, women are partial to both.

56 thoughts on “Did you know, Teddy Bears

      • I have my mothers on my chair l relax in at night in front of TV he was my mums and he slept with her until she died and l have put a hat on him and he’s soft and cuddly and l am a mere 65 ….. I 🙏for good news and find it difficult to find in todays world as it always seems to have a hidden agenda …. #Truth is all that matters in the posts to me and it’s promise to my readers to let them know the real story and not the concocted to obtain media numbers. Have a fab weekend you and you’re 🐻

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      • Ian, i can hear you talking and you sound so good. You have good memories, treasured ones.
        As for the news, the truth, however unpalatable, is the truth. Id hate to be fed lies. Im grateful for you and your ethics.
        Until later, take care💐🌸🌺

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