Mirabilis Jalapas, Four O’Clocks

As much as I like sunshine, I prefer cloudy days more because of the phenomenal Mirabilis Jalapas that hold onto daylight.   On warmer days, they are content to remain as buds to bloom later on in the afternoons, hence the name “four o’ clock” flowers.  Mirabilis in Latin, means wonderful and that is how they make me feel.


Somewhat bushy, these flowers grew from a tuber given to me by my neighbour. The pink and yellow trumpet shaped flowers have a delicate scent. Hugged by the purple and white brunfelsias on the left and the blushing bougainvilleas on the right, they are content self-seed, lay low and bloom embracingly.

For a while, they lay dormant and I lamented their absence but their moodiness was short-lived.  Such is the appeal that I mean to pot some closer, outside the library, so that I may enjoy their full bounty more.

For bursts of happiness and blooming wonders, these mirabilis jalapa flowers, also known as “Marvels of Peru” are worthy contenders for sunny spots in gardens, minimum fuss, maximum alliciency.

42 thoughts on “Mirabilis Jalapas, Four O’Clocks

  1. Thank you for sharing, Kavitha! We have them here in the States, too and call them 4 o’clocks. I especially love the variations that can appear on one bush – some solid red, some solid yellow, some have speckles, some have stripes…most amazing!

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  2. Wow so beautiful. You have a paradise in your yard like that. I miss my moms floral garden. I had to cut them off though because it was the only area where we need to build our small house. I love when butterflies visit the flowers every now and then. Love it Sunshiny❤️😊

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