SA Movie Review : 3 Days To Go


Local is indeed lekker!  A dramedy, “3 Days to go”, a locally produced movie with internationally acclaimed Bollywood star, Lillette Dubey, has been sweeping South African cinemas and shores with a resounding success, having cleared the million mark within a week.

Film director, Bianca Isaac, redes the story of four siblings who are forced to return to the roost after the death of their father. Leeanda Reddy (Janet) gathers the dysfunctional fold who arrive with their respective spouses and children, all determined to live through the 3 days until the burial and spreading of the ashes.

The siblings however are all battling their own demons, one with a fear of committing to marriage, another, a trophy wife put out to pasture in favour of a younger version and elder sister, an abused wife who took her husband back but suffered the consequences in her quest for re-kindled marital romance.

Enter son, Rahul Brijnath (Riki), the apple of his mother’s eye, spoiled, materialistic, gambler, thief and hustler, out with an eye for the main chance, that is, selling their childhood home. In cahoots with the spurned sister, who herself is out for Number One, Herself, they plot and ultimately turn on each other once their plan is revealed.  Such is the superb acting that one cannot help but feel sympathy and relatability to the flawed siblings. After all, their life is a reflection of every-day life. Glitz and glamour aside, no family is perfect. This is captured perfectly by Isaac who has woven a sentimental, emotional non-puristic Bollywood family account with Hollywood infusion yet all underscored with a deep love and remembered  familial duty and commitment.

Mothers should do well to take lessons from the library scene, tough love, practiced and perfected by Indian mothers.

“3 Days to go” boasts the cream of South African cast, Leeanda Reddy, Jailoshini Naidoo, Kajal Bagwandeen, Rahul Brijnath, Pranesh Maharaj, Ruben Naidoo, Zakeeya Patel accompanied by Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Tumi Morake and Ashish Gangapersad.

Movie critics praise of the film :

“Tragedy, comedy, betrayal, fear, hatred, deception, pain, love, redemption, and the true spirit of family are all woven into the tapestry of this moving film. Writer and director Bianca Isaac, along with producer Gregory Mthanji, and co-producer Bagwandeen-Singh, have brought to life a masterpiece whose impact lingers long after the credits have rolled.” – Clinton Marius: ArtsMart

“This heart-warming movie about family and personal struggle transcends racial, and cultural boundaries. 3 Days to Go is the perfect movie to go see with your mother, brother, sister or cousin and it will be fun to see – and point out – your own family members in the characters on screen! “ – Graye Morkel: Channel 24

Remembered love of another kind for this February, Month of Love.
An allicient must see.

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