Cats, our healing friends

Did you know that cats possess amazing  healing powers?  It’s a proven fact that owning a cat is more effective than taking medication.   A mom of six cats, three rescues at home and three rescues at work, I am blessed with love and adoration from these majestically , lovable furry creatures.img_20181111_1722145992498715181811377.jpg

It’s been a bumper couple of months. The December break which should have helped rejuvenate, almost broke me. Fast forward to Januwary which fast became Januworry, the empath in me was stomped upon, my tired, “tired”  and some emotional healing long overdue.

The resident feline family, usually reclusive at the sight of strangers, sussed out the atmosphere and found their happy spots, the leonine one in his appropriated cushion at my feet, the panda like middle child had obviously escaped to the neighbour’s Zen garden and the last born, Jag,  sat seconds away from me.  My soliloquy was interrupted by Jag’s paw on my hand and what followed was an empathetic dialogue of silent understanding and healing that reduced a spa rejuvenation to nothing.


Some fifteen minutes later of staying my hand and forcing me into seated submission until  we both absorbed the silence, he hopped to my side and we snuggled up for an extended  siesta, a welcome treat, which left us rejuvenated and ready to face the world.  Puts Rihanna’s song of “we certainly found love in a hopeless place” in an entirely new light!

Our purry friends are known to heal by alleviating stress levels and reducing blood pressure.  Their rhythmic sounds are known to ease migraines and provide comfort. Even cardiovascular diseases takes a back seat with the healing energies of cats.  Senior citizens who own cats are known to live longer than those who do not.


Friendly, loving felines aid in releasing serotonin to the brain thereby helping us become more secure, much happier and infinitely calmer. In fact, such is their ability to harness their energy for good, that they have proven that they are ideal companions for autistic children.

Sounds like an ailurophile like myself should be the least stressed person with these natural healers, a lesson in there for me to remember that I am too blessed to be stressed and that my cups runneth over, no pun intended!






45 thoughts on “Cats, our healing friends

  1. This is really interesting. I would love to try having cats but for some reason I have never truly liked them. I do not know why except that my mother hates them and it must have transferred to me. We have always had dogs throughout the years of our marriage and we now have only one dog, as one is all that we can now look after properly. I find dogs to be very therapeutic also. I think that my mother’s hatred of cats coloured my view, though I have never actually hated them. I just could not respond to them but I find your post so very very interesting. It has educated me. I don’t thhink we could ever have a cat, though I do appreciate their beauty. This is a GREAT
    Post and I am so glad that I read it

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    • Greetings from Sunny South Africa,
      Thank you for your response. Apparently, I had a kitty as a child. I have only a photo to prove that. Since then, throughout my life, we have had dogs, all precious souls who have touched our lives and left for the Rainbow Bridge. After the loss of my two Labradors, a mother and her son, I was devastated and resolved never to have pets again. I resolved to manage with the cockatiels, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. However, God had other plans. My husband and son rescued my eldest kitty, who ran away instantly and found his way back to us. He is now my shadow and my greatest source of support and comfort. He however, needed feline companionship and brought in another kitty. … Then there were 2. My husband found a newborn at work and terrified of the monster sized trucks on site, brought home the baby. Finally there were three. However, I spotted a few at work and have been their foster mother. Would I do it again? Yes! Within a heartbeat. Why? They are God’s creatures as are we and feel everything just as potently as us. My suggestion… visit your local animal shelter, touch and feel them, your heart and mind will convert. They are precious healing creatures. PS, Did you know that they are marvels at old age homes? Even hospital hours have cats and even horses come in to heal and nurture the sick. 


    • I brought our cat home against my husband’s wishes, because he didn’t really like cats….or so he thought. When ever I was looking for her she was always somewhere around him. She was just a kitten and would fall asleep on his shoulder. Needless to say they became best friends. 18 years later when she died he cried even more than I did. We still laugh now when we think about all the joy she brought us.

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  2. My cat is exceptionally comforting, which I wasn’t expecting when we got her. The first time I remember her being there is when we put our family dog down. I was bawling nonstop and she’d come over, rub herself against me, and just lay there. And any time someone in our house gets upset, she’s always there, even more than our dog. It’s like, as soon as our voices change, she knows to come over. She was adopted and doesn’t like being held for long periods of time (something happened in her past) but when we’re upset, she’ll just let us hold her, so I definitely know how it is.

    I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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    • Thank you for much for replying. Sometimes, I post these heartfelt posts and then Catch myself, wondering is it too corny? Would my blogging family love it? Then again, it is love revisited and pain shared and sometimes lessened. Im sorry about the loss of your dog. I know how upsetting that is.
      PS, I am glad you enjoyed my post.
      I send warm regards from Sunny SA.

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  3. We took care of an outside cat we inherited early in 2005. She never came in the house for long and yesterday she was run over at the cat age of 71. We gave her a good life and I will miss her. Cats can be soothing but adopting a feral cat is interesting as they are most comfortable with hanging outside.

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    • Hi Jessica, I’m sorry about your kitty… Its a good happy image, i like it.
      I lamented over my lost pet and my kitty helped heal me. Sometimes as sad as it is, we need to remember the babies worthy and desperate for loving touches and bite the bullet and allow a window of opportunity for change. I send a hug. 🤗

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