Child Trafficking, A Success Story

Story By – Sunitha Krishnan

We have heard stories about how difficult it is to crack the Chartered Accountancy examA timely rescue, holistic rehabilitation and a little hand-holding can transform a girl enslaved in sex slavery… at the first go. People wait for years and years to finally pass the examination. They take so many extra classes to prepare. We are going to tell you a short story of a girl, who overcame all adversity and cracked CA exam at the first go. She had no help.

Our one child, Bhavani has qualified for Chartered Accountancy. With a single focus, no external help and her own efforts she finally qualified in her fourth attempt.

I still cannot forget the day we rescued her with Hyderabad Task Force, stunned to find a 13yrs old child in the room with the customer. More shocked when we found out that the mother was the trafficker and the child was in this situation for more than a year. The child then was instrumental in getting her two siblings rescued.

Due to security concerns, she wrote her X Std by an open school. Today she is in 2nd-year graduation and a college topper. Through sheer grit, she has qualified in CA exams.

I would have loved to post her picture, but her case is still on and her trail is pending.

Bhavani stands as a tower of inspiration for all of us…

I salute Hyderabad Task Force very specifically Inspector Srikanth, my colleagues in the rescue, a wonderful magistrate Padmaja Sathyam and my Shelter team for doing the impossible.

A timely rescue, holistic rehabilitation and a little hand-holding can transform a girl enslaved in sex slavery…

Originally posted on The Logical Indian

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42 thoughts on “Child Trafficking, A Success Story

  1. Wonderful Bhavani was rescued and loved. Wonderful work you are doing!!! I would be interested in future posts about Bhavani to know how to pray for her. 🙂

    One ministry I support is Love Justice. They work to intercept children from trafficking in different countries. Trafficking children is an abomination to God. Anyone who would harm a child through trafficking should be in prison for life.

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    • I agree that it is an abomination. Unfortunately her details cannot be divulged. Im certain though that Bhavani will be accomplishing great things and the
      media will follow through…

      Love Justice is an amazing initiative and i pray you success in all yiur feats. 💐🌺🌸

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  2. Kavita. You have the knack of finding those very poignant and interesting stories about people, like this on by Sunitha Krishnan. Human Trafficking is one of the ugliest endeavors by greedy and immoral people. They may have a reward today but will need to be revealed the true at one time of their lives. There is no possibility to see any time soon the abolishment of such actions. The secret is to find a way to save those who have to be the victim and guide them to their true potential. A great read. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Hi😊 I so look forward to your valued feedback. There was a local boy here who literally had a bag thrown over his head and he was forced into a car. He fought valiantly and he escaped. Im so glad he saved himself. He is traumatized though. I hate that there are opportunistic people at every turn. In Bhavani’s case, it was her Mom.
      Im too much for some people and am not liked sometimes. I do not believe in watering down the truth. Im sure Bhavani will be a success despite her past and her obvious intelligence is evident. Have a good restful night. 🌺🌸💐

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  3. Just so dang sad though. So many people out there that are worse than animals. I also like to hear the positive. It just still astounds me this exists.
    My daughter is a victim’s advocate, trained in this, working for the state. It takes a special kind of people to do this…to really help and help right. Grateful for that ♡

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