Cast thy woven web and let us repair for eternal life.
Beloved mine, as my wife.
Forever may we be the sleeping duo.
Winged Eros, Mother Nature hath ordained it so.
The wind hath whispered.
This is no time to dither.
The Great Spirit hath sacredly spoken.
Fine feathers, his blessing tokens,
A xanthic bead, his direction, rising suns, new beginnings.
Thy love, honest and pure
Lissom, luscious lure…
Feathery tresses my heart enthrals.
Thine eyes, a siren’s call
Thine lips, Cupid’s coo.
Forever will I thee, woo.
Beloved aubade dream, take this hand.
Come let us fly.

Main Image Credit : Pinterest : 
Pencil Portrait by Jennifer Healy

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