SA, What makes us unique?

A valued blogging family member from India asked me what was so unique about Durban.  Without hesitation and doubt, I replied, “Our Rainbow Nation irrespective of the divides of previous.”

This is why, THIS is our Ubuntu “humanity towards others”, the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

Let me share with you reality that will enrichen your heart and bring tears to your eyes as it did mine…

Our SPAR supermarket staff self-funded a birthday celebration for one of their favourite customers, a 15 year differently abled teenager, Brett Nash, who has lived his entire life with a clinically undiagnosed rare disease, finally chalked down to Distal Arthrogryposis.

For the past five years or so, Brett and Mom, Tammy Nash visit the Spar, a highlight for Brett.  Non-verbal Brett loves humming  and an alert shop assistant realised he was humming the National Anthem.  Ayanda, a shop assistant, joined him and now Spar employees hum along with Brett. The national anthem is now sung around the tills daily. Almost all the staff and some shoppers join in and sing along with him.

Such is the joy that Brett brings.
His popularity has grown so, that the shop assistants were inclined to spoil him with colourful balls, clothing, shoes and a large cake . Clapping and dancing, he was welcomed warmly and embraced joyously.  The store came to a standstill as all enjoyed and shared in Brett’s obvious pleasure and singing enthusiasm.  The celebration was filmed and the clip enjoyed over 40 000 views. 

good things

Image credit :

 Tammy Nash said,  “There are no words to describe the feeling of this. I’m so overwhelmed at the love every single staff member has shown Brettie over the years but this takes the cake.   Every staff member chipped in as well as the stunning lady from the Pet Shop at Retail Crossing. Who needs a party when you have this.  Sorry the filming is all over the place bit worth the watch.

Thank you once again Retail Crossing Spar for making Brett’s 15th birthday one we will never forget”. 

“I always tell people about our visit to Spar and this time I really just wanted to share it with the community. The responses I had been receiving were really overwhelming.” 

b cake

Image Credits : Tammy Nash, Facebook

Company director Peter Arsalides said, “It is a beautiful story, to say the least. It is humbling to see Brett’s innocent exuberance every time he visits ‘his’ Spar.” 

Brett’s sister Sarah Nash is convinced that the country could really learn something from her brother.  “Brett is someone that will always show love to anybody. I think if he can express that much love and that much kindness despite everything, we can too.”

Watch the video here : 


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