40 Life Lessons

Smart, beautiful, inspirational and a motivated lady, my friend Nicola  over at the peanutgallery247.com, is like myself,  somewhat happy to see the end of 2018.  

After some reflection, and as this year comes to a close, her thought (and a re-post), is these 40 Life Lessons that stand out and may be some food for thought…. Does it resonate with you?

40 Life Lessons - PeanutGallery247

October is my birthday month and this October, tomorrow (2nd October) more specifically, I turn 40! Yes, I almost can’t believe it…where did the time go? Birthdays have a way of making you think more about life and I have certainly been thinking about my journey. There’s so much I’ve been through, good and bad. I, therefore, wanted to share with you some of the lessons I learned in life to date. There are many, but I think these 40 Life Lessons stand out and I’d love to hear which resonates with you the most, in the comments below:

  1. Don’t allow what others think to affect your decisions – In certain situations in my life, I was more concerned with what others may think of me and as a result, I stopped myself from doing things, which wasn’t a good decision in the end – people will talk about you either way

  2. Be present – Today, it’s so easy to be attached to our mobile devices, televisions and even suffers digital dementia – be physically and mentally present in meetings and during family time to build healthy relationships, personal and professional

  3. Embrace, accept and respect diversity – Every individual is different, take the time to understand each person

  4. Change is good & inevitable – Swim with the flow, not against it. Change is an opportunity to grow, it may remove you from your comfort zone – be adventurous and venture into the unknown

  5. Remove yourself from gossip and small talk – If it doesn’t affect you and the conversation isn’t around finding solutions but mainly to blame and/or discuss others, then walk away – things that affect others will drain you if you expose yourself to their bullsh!t.

  6. Be Social media savvy – Behind the curated feeds and picture-perfect views, we share struggles and go through phases of inadequacy etc. Most share happy moments, this doesn’t mean that there are no unhappy moments

  7. Think before you speak – Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? Will it add value? So, whilst you can’t control what others say, remember that you can always control yourself.

  8. Celebrate the strengths of other women – The day you’re able to celebrate the strength of another woman and not see her as competition, is also a day where you have matured from girl to woman

  9. Make that first move – Everyone is busy with this thing called life, so don’t be afraid to make effort to make contact – you’ll be amazed at how happy they will be to hear from you

  10. Don’t take things personally – Look at things from the perspective of the other person. Being offended is a choice. Better the devil you know!

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