SA, Sweltering Summer Storms

South Africans took a natural beating this December as the weather vacillated between excessive heat, hail and a devastating storm.

Despite the massive electrical storm and partially flooded roads, spirits were high as tourists and adventurists streamed in, expectant with excitement to indulge in the oceans and resorts.

Umhlanga Rocks, the surfers paradise

The initial heat that gave way to storms has since subsided. The cool weather (and mini downpours) were welcome for animals, dams and locals. The air is scented by the aromas of South African braais over coals and cooking potjies over steel tripod fixtures. Yes, South Africans are definitely in the holiday mode and are jealously guarding the remaining days until more braais that New Year’s Eve brings. The beaches and parks will be flooded again with holiday makers, but for now, we savour family, friends and good times under South Africa skies.

45 thoughts on “SA, Sweltering Summer Storms

  1. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful country. It’s hard for a northern hemisphere dweller to conceive of surfing this time of year! Brings back great memories. We camped at Umhlanga Rocks way back in 1970! Happy New Year, Kavitha.


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