Seeking Divine Intervention

Christmas has come and gone and with that a host of emotions and memories. Not all pleasant.

With that in mind. I deviate from my usual posts to post some help, Psalm 23. In the face of adversity, this is my prayer of reference, one which never fails to hearten.

In a world of horror and mayhem, may we always find strength and courage. Kindness too.

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32 thoughts on “Seeking Divine Intervention

  1. Kavitha, this is my prayer for you:

    May the Lord be your Shepherd, and may you never want;
    May you lie down in pastures of green.
    May He lead you beside peaceful waters of life
    And refresh you with pleasures unseen.
    May He lead you in paths of His own righteousness
    That your life may be pure in His sight;
    May His rod and His staff be your comfort and guide,
    Even walking through the darkest night.
    May He give you a feast in the presence of your foes
    And His bounty meet your every need.
    With the oil of His gladness, may He anoint your head
    And His blessings your richest dreams exceed.
    May His goodness and mercy remain your constant friends
    Every hour for the rest of your days,
    And in mansions of glory, may there be room for you,
    Where you dwell with the Lord always. ❤


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  2. Hello Kavita hope things are going well with you now. I am sorry I have seen this late. I myself have been going through extremely difficult time. You can check up on my latest article. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I send you all Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies Your way. Lots of Love from me ❤ ❤ ❤

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