Can’t Like Or Comment On WordPress Sites? Try This.

Dear All

I love interacting with my blogging family but have been stymied as sometimes, I cannot “Like” or “Comment” on a post.  Very frustrating.  Have you had an experience like this?  

Susan Rushton has tried to solve the mystery.  It has not worked for me but perhaps her solution will work for you? This is what she has to say :

For those fortunate enough not to know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. Recently, clicking ‘Like’ on a blogger’s post has often had no effect. It took some experimentation to work out why. 

Likes would work if I was signed on in The Reader, but once I’d clicked through to visit a blogger’s website, clicking the ‘Like’ button did not work. An empty white box would briefly flash up then disappear, but my like was not registered. If I tried to leave a comment instead, I’d be asked to fill in all my details, as if I wasn’t signed in.

It got worse. Sometimes I could not even like or reply to comments on my own site, which was both irritating and baffling. If I happened to be answering comments via The Reader, or was using my notifications panel, all was well, but once I’d clicked the tempting ‘View Site’ button in the control panel, and tried to answer a comment from my blog, I might as well have been a complete stranger: I seemed to have been logged out.

For more, read on… 

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