Gratitude, choose Happiness…

 Got my glad rags on (I cringe you not, it’s but a new dress), sat myself down and self-talked myself into being positive, especially this morning.  More than positivity, I felt gratitude for a new healthy day and a daughter who bounced out of her room to wish me a As I hugged her back, I remembered the joy of 21 years ago, news that I was expectant with a blessing that was her.  Traversed traffic safely with gratitude and presented myself at work. My first persistent caller was a friend who sang the Happy Birthday song with a personal twist, loved it, laughed so much, I had tears in my eyes. 

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Tried to work under the radar but my family, friends and colleagues had other ideas.  The family group on Whatsapp were profuse with their warm words, some racy comments, some zany, precious videos and animations.  I was precious. I was loved.  So often, I do not feel it.  In this busyness that is life, with careers and children, I am sure, we all feel this way sometimes.

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In their conversations, I was precious, loved and I felt a degree of some shame for not knowing that I was valued, that I obviously made a difference.  Reciprocity played a huge part in their responses.  No matter what, no matter how, I always make the time.  Sometimes, whilst, I am not physically there, I am with them in spirit, which is unselfishly received by them. Today, they showed me their love and opened my heart to possibilities. These conversations sets the mood for the day, the new phone (an anniversary present and my faithful blogging tool from hubby, thank you!)  thankfully has the memory to retain all my precious messages.

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 My colleagues surrounded me and enveloped me in hugs, loving the dress (thank you son, you do not know it yet, but I used your cash card to pay for it!).   Recently back on Facebook, thanks to Bushra Syed and the Bloggers Hang Out Place, the messages raced through. I broke my rule of using the cellphone in the office and responded to each individual, not with a half-hearted “Thanks” but a strong grateful message tailor made for every special person. I loved them. I value them just as much, if not more.

My birthday would be incomplete if I did not wish my nephew Aman, we share a birthday.  Cousin Dinosha always takes a day off work to roam with her sons and husband…a lesson there for the rest of us.

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This morning mental re-adjustment of this day liberally dosed with gratitude helped me endlessly, given the estrangement issues rampant in the family. I acknowledged the goodness in my life and felt a healing too. Not sure what I mean? Try it. It is in giving more that we receive, it is in acknowledging that we receive even more. Like me, people too are faced with their private battles, some mega sized demons but in the acknowledgement and affirmation of our gifts, our blessings, our special people, a cathartic release is found with a higher measure of joy and satisfaction. 

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Gratitude is a character strength not honed by many but is vital as an application to life. True, like others, I do not have a gratitude journal but attracting gratitude awakens the spirit, it is a hop from depression, with far reaching satisfying benefits.  After all, only you can decide how happy you want to be, it is an intrinsic process. Carpe Diem.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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67 thoughts on “Gratitude, choose Happiness…

  1. How wonderfully you’ve encapsulated your sense of gratitude for today – I love it! It’s these little gestures that are so often taken for granted. Thanks for the reminder and hope the rest of your birthday is fabulous. Thanks for the mention too ❤️🤗

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  2. A very Happy Birthday my friend and many more to come!!!. How fast life goes but it’s worth it. I know growing old is not fun but as you said, ” it’s gratitude what brings us happiness”. I think growing old is bring us more soberness and it’s great. You look so gorgeous and going to never get old…Your writing always bring me joy. You know how to use words like jewels. Stay blessed.

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  3. When we live in Gratitude it brings us to appreciation of all the many things we are blessed with every day.. This was a beautiful post..
    Many thanks for your visit and kind comment.. I rescued you from my spam box.. Good think I check in there regularly ..
    Again Many thanks for this post..
    Happiness is a State of BE-ing… And when we understand that state of being comes from within, not from external ‘Things’ which often people strive to obtain, thinking they will make them happy..
    Have a beautiful week..
    Sue 🙂

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  4. Hi! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page
    to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.

    Thanks for sharing!


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